Well, here I am in Chihuahua. It's a hole, and in the middle of the desert. We went exploring today, and here are some of the pictures.

This first one is a church at the top of some stairs. With Chihuahua being a mile high, we were out of breath quite quickly. But we got to the top, and explored the building. Which was quite cool since it was not cordoned off in some weak-floored areas or anything, so we got to explore everywhere we wanted.

Next, we went over to look at some mineshafts, which were quite cool. We dropped a rock down one of them, and stopped hearing it hit the wall after about 9 seconds.

After that Dean took me over to a collapsed mine, you could see the carved out mineshaft and climb down some into the area that collapsed. Here are some pictures I took. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7