So I've now built a board for my scopemeter so that I can hook it up to the computer via the serial port. I used designs linked from Scobegrab32 And made a PCB using the laser printer method I used in the Paintball shot counter

So far it's working pretty well, I've got it tuned in so that it will go 19200 baud, but that's as high as I can get it. I think it's because of the speed of the diodes, but that's just a guess. Anyway, it's kinda cool the amount of things that can be controlled by the serial interface. Pretty much any key on the front panel can be pressed, the raw waveform data can be downloaded, The scope can even be turned off and on using the serial interface.

Next thing I hope to do is write a nice Java based GUI for interfacing with the scopemeter. The only real gui to speak of that I could find was Scopegrab32, and it's Windows only. So another project gets added to the list. That list keeps growing, and rarely shrinking.